The community for Quantum Machine Learning in Austria

We are creating a community for Quantum machine learning in Austria. Our goal is to build an active ecosystem for Quantum ML and connect organizations exploring quantum applications.


Quantum ML

Quantum ML platform

Tutorials, best practices and examples for quantum machine learning development.

Data and Apps

Ecosystem of quantum ML applications and datasets in collaboration with leading quantum ecosystem partners.

Quantum hardware

Hybrid Quantum Cloud powered by QmWare; high-performance simulated quantum hardware with 40-qubit quantum circuits.


Active and diverse quantum machine learning community in Austria and beyond.

Access a community of experts

Although quantum computing is still in its infancy, the time to prepare for the quantum AI revolution is now. Developing AI applications that can benefit from quantum computing requires not only AI and domain expertise, but also knowledge of the specific quantum hardware platforms and how to connect infrastructure, quantum mathematics, and machine learning. 

This combination of skills is difficult for companies to develop, which highlights the need for collaboration across different domains in order to ensure access to quantum computing. Quantum Connect brings together experts and industry partners to create a unified platform for knowledge and technology exchange.

Which future will quantum lead us into? We do not know yet, but uncertainty is exactly why we explore quantum computing!

Alexandra Waldherr

ML & Quantum Computing Enthusiast

Georg Gesek (Novarion)

We can already take advantage of quantum technology in the areas of optimization and artificial intelligence.

Georg Gesek



Our Vision

Quantum Connect will establish a platform and ecosystem for Quantum Machine Learning (QML) development in Austria. The
platform serves as an exchange that connects experts and organizations exploring quantum applications in Austria.

Accelerate research & development

Create a platform and forum of experts to accelerate R&D on Quantum Machine Learning (QML)

Build a community for Quantum ML

Lay the groundwork for an active and diverse Quantum Machine Learning community in Austria 

Provide access to quantum computing

Build tools and frameworks to develop QML applications on Quantum and Hybrid-Quantum hardware


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