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Austria & Quantum

Austria has a long tradition of scientific and research excellence, particularly in the field of physics. Quantum machine learning is a natural extension of this strong legacy. The current research landscape in Austria is thriving, with many internationally acclaimed research institutions.

Investment in research and innovation in Austria is well above the EU average and continues to increase. Based on Statistics Austria’s global estimate, the total expenditure on R&D in Austria reached €14.5 billion in 2022.

PQML brings together experts from research and industry in Austria to accelerate research and development on QML in Austria.

Quantum Machine Learning

Within the next decade, quantum computing is expected to outperform traditional computers. Quantum machine learning (QML) can help solve wildly complex problems in logistics, grid management, or material science. 

Quantum computing and QML are still in their infancies. The fundamental different hardware and software architectures require fundamentally different solutions in both hardware design and algorithm foundation. 

The challenge is to develop the suitable theoretical foundations and practical implementations - both in terms of quantum computing hardware and quantum AI and mathematics. 


User Groups

Individuals or data science teams of public or private organizations Develops or has developed machine learning algorithms/models Wishes to run or optimize these in a quantum-assisted environment and/or make them available to others
Has specific use cases in mind May have large amounts of data and wishes to extract information from these Looks for models that assist him/her in finding answers in specific use case through quantum-assisted machine learning

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